I-Tim Ruam Mit      $12.50
Coconut ice cream with sticky rice served with glazed banana and assorted Thai toppings (peanuts, red ruby water chestnuts, sliced jackfruits and grass jelly)

Whole Pumpkin      $14.00
Steamed pumpkin stuffed with Thai style sweet custard served whole
(ideal for sharing for at least 3 people)

Black and White      $7.50
ข้าวเหนียวดำ / ขาว
Warm white sticky rice pudding with longans and
sweet corn cornels served along side black sticky
rice pudding with red beans and taro

Ice Ice Baby      $7.50
Towering crushed ice served with fresh bread and
assorted Thai dessert topped with condensed
milk and ‘Hales Blue Boy’ syrup

Feeling Fruity      $7.50
Sweet cantaloupe with young flesh coconut and sago
in fresh milk

A Glass of Happiness (Seasonal)      $7.50
Mango sticky rice topped with coconut ice cream
served in a glass