Eating Your FOMO Away!!!

Almost every day the Instagram photos, Facebook Status updates and tweets pour into my Smartphone and most people seem to be doing something more interesting than I am. Thanks to the advent of real-time social media technology, my Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is becoming even more chronic.

I am a Thai expatriate, who has been living in Melbourne for the past 12 years. I had completed my VCE, bachelor and master degree, as well as starting up my business venture in Melbourne. I love Melbourne but often times I miss the hustle and bustle in Bangkok as well as its delicious food. The homesick feeling getting even stronger, when one by one – my close friends, who had completed their studies including my older sister decided to leave Melbourne for good. To keep my pulse beating, I rely on social media, which allow me to get thrilling glimpses of the daily lives and activities of friends, “frenemies”, peers and families. The truth of the matter is although viewing social media postings from my friends and families that scattered around the world often makes me feel more connected to them, there is also the anxiety, the Fear of Missing Out, the regret at the back of mind which prompted me to imagine how things could be different. Every now and then, I wish that I could be there celebrating the moment together with my family or friends and stop feeling regretful of my independent working life after University. Oh well… I kept telling myself – “Something gotta give! You can’t possibly have it all”.

So, the bad news is I am suffering from a moderate level of FOMO and the good news is I am sure that I am not the only one. Because of this FOMO, I refuse to be missing out on at least…  “good Thai food, good beer and good time” with my friends in Melbourne. I have a mission to bring tasty appetizing Thai Food that tastes just like in Thailand to Melbourne. I believe that Thai dining is not just about food, it is about having a good time and celebrating lifestyle with your loved ones. With this mission at the back of my mind, I ventured into opening a Thai Restaurant, which hopefully could be the social hub for Thai food enthusiasts, fellow Thai expatriates living in Melbourne and general Melbournians to gather and share delicious authentic Thai cuisine in a relaxed, informal yet modern dining setting.

For this restaurant venture, we thought it would be fun to name the new restaurant “FOMO THAI”.  Hopefully, the name appeals to many people and interesting enough to catch the attention of our potential customers.

If you are missing out on good Thai food, good beer and good time. Please come to “eat, drink and unwind” with your friends and your loved ones at FOMO THAI Restaurant, 171 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

FOMO Thai Yellow

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